Susan Silas
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Links to scholarly texts about the work:

A Journey, the Pain of Others, and Historical Experience: Susan Silas (English version) RIHA Jouranl, Special Issue: Contemporary Art and Memory, by Roma Sendyka

Tracing an Absent Memory: Jonathan Safran Foer's 'Everything is Illuminated' and Susan Silas's 'Helmbrechts walk, 1998-2003', ACADEMIA by Ana Pires Quintais

Holocaust and Redemption in the Photography of Susan Silas Huffington Post, by G. Roger Denson

Exposing Violence, Amnesia, and the Fascist Forest through Susan Silas and Collier Schorr’s Holocaust Art Images, vol 2, number 1, Brill by Brett Ashley Kaplan

"We are all witnesses": Susan Silas's Helmbrechts walk Montage, by Erin Hanas


Link to additional interviews:

Yad Vashem: The March to Volary


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