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Exhibition History & Bibliography

Exhibition history:

2011 Zavod Celeia Celje, Celje, Slovenia Continuity
2010 Kunsthalle Exnergasse-WUK, Vienna, Austria
Bless my homeland forever. I, too, will try to forget…
2010 Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim, Neuenhaus, Germany
Der Offene Garten
2009 Hebrew Union College Museum, New York City
2005 The Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2000 University Art Gallery, Staller Center at Stony Brook, Jewishness at the Crossroads (three screen slide projection), curated by Nicholas Mirzoeff
1999 Chatham College, Pittsburgh Global Focus; Helmbrechts walk, 1998 (work in progrss)

Additional bibliography:


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Grants and donations:

Memorial Foundation For Jewish Culture
The Lee and Lawrence J. Ramer Foundation
The Puffin Foundation, Ltd.
The André and Elizabeth Kertész Foundation
Mr. Tibor Baan
Ms. Ronalee E. Galbut
Mrs. Richard Gold
Ms. Deborah Kass
Mr. Isaac Pollak

Donations in kind:

Agfa Division of Bayer Corporation
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Duggal Color Lab

Special thanks to:

Alvin Trenk
(for funding the initial research for this project)
Alfonso Rutigliano
(for endless translations and the gift of his time)
Daniel Goldhagen
(for providing the trial transcript of Alois Dörr)
Rebecca Bodicky
(my intern and travel assistant)
Beth Aviv
(for generous editorial support)

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Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim, 2010
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